Amina El-Zatmah, Matchmaker

Amina is so beyond excited to have been selected for staff! As the matchmaker she is so happy she gets to make sure that people are developing loving and healthy relationships and that we are all making friends and memories. She is so beyond thrilled to be able to share the love that this wonderful community has given her!

Brianna Greene, Community Care Coordinator

Brianna is super excited to be on staff because she wants to be able to give back to the community! As Community Care Coordinator she wants to be able to help facilitate the safe and loving atmosphere that makes camp so special!

Emma O’Boyle, Deans’ Assistant

Emma is excited to be on staff so that she can be more involved in continuing to make camp the best place on Earth and spreading the LUUVE!

Grayson Crary, Environmental Coordinator

Grayson is really excited to be a part of Camp and to be given the opportunity of being on staff this year, and he also hopes to bring a lot of positivity and fun to this Senior High! As the Environmental Coordinator, he’ll be working with some of you closely and do his best to be helpful all week long! Since Camp is a place most of us love and can call a home away from home, being on staff gives Grayson a way to give back to a place he loves.

Abigail Gothard, Daily Theme Coordinator

Abigail is excited to be on staff because she loves giving back to the camp community that has supported her for such a long time. As Daily Theme Coordinator Abigail can’t wait to spread the luuve at camp and be a part of creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Simone Boutelle, Nighttime Events Coordinator

Simone is so thrilled to be on the Camp Luuve Story staff as one of the Nighttime Events Coordinators. Through past camps, nighttime events have really brought out the joy and love that comes along with going to camp. She hopes to bring out a stress free and fun environment that can make everyone fall in love with this camp just like she did.

Stefan Fahr, Weekbook Coordinator

Being on staff is extremely exciting for Stefan because of the natural excitement people give the weekbook every year. They want to have their memories at camp preserved in a video that they can refer back to whenever they want. That feeling fuels his excitement to work for a memorable week book that inspires and warms each and every camper.

Charlie Mara, Weekbook Coordinator

Charlie is so excited to be on staff because they hope to bring a fantastic weekbook, great pictures, and camp full of love! As one of the Weekbook Coordinators, Charlie can’t wait to capture some of the best moments of your lives. Camp is where they always wish to be, and they hope to capture that same energy in the weekbook.

Ella Redpath, Daytime Events Coordinator

Camp has been a big part of Ella’s life since she was very very small. Ella has made wonderful friends, shared countless laughs, and shed a few tears at de Benneville over the years. Joining staff is a great way to give back to the community that she loves so much. Ella is so so excited about being a part of the Camp Luuve Story team. As Daytime Events Coordinator she is stoked to help make everyone’s experience at camp totally radical and lovely in each and every way. Or in whatever ways feel most comfortable to you. But maybe you should bring your Lovey with you, just in case. Self-care and all…

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 11.44.14 AM
Alex Bates Lamparella, Spiritual Arts Coordinator

Alex is excited to be a Spiritual Arts Coordinator at Camp Luuve Story.

Charlotte Ullrich, Spiritual Arts Coordinator

Charlotte is excited to be a Spiritual Arts Coordinator at Camp Luuve Story.

Sarah Rhodes, Spiritual Arts Coordinator

Sarah is excited to be a Spiritual Arts Coordinator at Camp Luuve Story.

Mia Coomes, Youth Chaplain

Mia is super excited to be on staff at Camp Luuve Story because of the new memories she will be able to make not only as a camper, but as a part of the team that makes camp so wonderful. Being one of the youth chaplains will allow Mia to be a support for the rest of her peers more visibly and she looks forward to it. Mia can’t wait for this luuvely camp to get here!

Phoebe Dubisch, Youth Chaplain

Phoebe is stupendously excited to be a part of such an amazing staff at Camp Luuve Story this winter! She hopes to foster and support the de Benneville community as much as possible as Youth Chaplain. Camp has always been a safe space for her and she hopes to foster that environment for all involved.

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