Youth Deans

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Tim Holmes, Youth Dean

Tim Holmes, 17, is a life-long UU, and a life-long lover of Camp De Benneville. He is a senior in high school who has dedicated himself to the things he loves, including but not limited to band, choir, and the PSWD Youth Board. Tim is a member and employee of Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Tim is extremely excited to be a Dean of Camp Luuve Story this winter. He is most looking forward to creating a wonderful camp environment for the new, incoming freshman, the well seasoned seniors, and everyone else in between. 

Tanner C. Linden, Youth Dean

Tanner C. Linden, 17, is a homegrown UU and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, California. He serves the district as an Executive on the Pacific Southwest District (PSWD) Young Religious UUs (YRUU) Board. Additionally, He is active in his home congregation as a Worship Associate and youth group leader. When he is not engrossed in UU activities he spends his time working at the Santa Barbara Zoo as a Guest Experience Supervisor. Tanner cannot wait to Dean winter camp 2018!