Camp Rules

  1. All persons using the Camp facilities must comply with all federal, state and local laws.
  2. There is no smoking inside buildings or along trails. Smoking is only allowed on cabin decks or inside enclosed cars. Use the green cigarette containers to dispose of butts.
  3. Do not bring non-prescription or recreational drugs (including marijuana) to Camp.
  4. Wear enclosed shoes or boots at all times, unless at the swimming pool.
  5. After unloading at your cabin, park your car in the main lot with the back end of your car pointing into the woods. This will help you to leave Camp quickly in an emergency. Keep your car keys on you at all times. Bring a spare key and keep in luggage.
  6. In the event of an emergency situation, an alarm will sound. Evacuate your cabin immediately and gather in the area behind the lodge kitchen (volleyball court). Check-in with the Camp Dean or Camp Manager for further instructions.
  7. Camp dogs are never to leave the camp premises without permission of the Camp Manager.
  8. No weapons or guns may be brought onto the Camp premises.
  9. No explosives, flammable liquids or poisonous substances shall be brought to Camp.
  10. Please keep any recorded or amplified music played in the Lodge turned down for background music only, unless it is being used for a workshop or talent show presentation.
  11. Persons under the age of 18 may not use the Lodge or Coffee House between midnight and 6 am unless supervised by a person 25 years or older.
  12. No one shall use tools, power tools or Camp machinery without the permission of the Camp Management. This would include tools needed for craft projects.
  13. All crafts using spray paint, glitter, wax or plaster must be done outside. These projects are not allowed inside Camp buildings.
  14. Camp vehicles will not be used for the transportation of campers except in an extreme medical emergency. Campers and staff must wear seat belts while riding in Camp vehicles.
  15. The burning of candles, lanterns or incense is not allowed inside any building or recreational vehicle on Camp property. Some exceptions may be made in the Lodge for workshop purposes.
  17. There is very limited WiFi access in Camp. We are on a shared broadband system, and using the system to download music, movies or games is not allowed. When we exceed our allowed usage, the broadband is slowed down to dial up speed. Time to unplug and enjoy Camp and all the fun activities! Leave your computer work for when you get back home. Hike a trail, go canoeing, read a book—unplug!
  18. We DO ASSESS damage charges for graffiti, excessive wear and tear, chewing gum and other adhesives found in the carpet and furniture. We want to keep things in good order for the next group.
  19. Please close all cabin doors to keep the heat in and the critters out!
  20. Carry chains October – May while traveling in the San Bernardino Mountains.
  21. Bring all prescription medications in their original bottle and keep out of reach of children.
  22. Keep an eye on your children while in Camp. They are always your responsibility. Know where they are playing and what they are doing.
  23. Swimsuits are required at the pool and hot tub.
  24. No one under the age of 14 may ever be in the hot tub.
  25. Never use the hot tub alone. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages allowed at the hot tub.

Please keep the following numbers in your wallet or pocket while in Camp: Camp Manager Janet James’ cell 909-435- 6298; Maintenance Supervisor Frank Haahr’s cell 760-600-6012. TEXT or CALL either number.

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