Luuve is in the air!

Camp Luuve Story

Come join us this winter in a loving community at Camp Luuve Story! Youth will spend a week playing games, laughing with friends, and exploring the many different forms and ways to express love. Camp de Benneville Pines is an open and welcoming community that affords campers the opportunity to make lifelong connections. Its location in the San Bernardino Mountains makes it the perfect place to get away from the busy city to meet in community and with like minded youth and explore emotions.

During camp, youth will have the opportunity to attend workshops such as Sledding, Hiking, Snowplay, and Arts & Crafts. They can participate in group events like our own Winter Olympics and personal growth opportunities like Chaplain Training.

Love is something that connects us all. Unitarian Universalists, especially the youth, recognize that love is not just a term for romance but an identifier for deep emotions that no other word or phrase can express. Camp de Benneville Pines is the perfect place for UU youth to explore this rich concept because of their mutual love for camp and all of the deep spiritual connections that have been made, and will be made at camp.

Today’s world is a challenging one for love, but, as the world’s future, youth are the perfect group to explore and find what love truly means for them and how they can spread it to everyone they meet. Camp Luuve Story will strive to create a bold, deep, and loving community for all who attend.


Adult Advisors

While programming is youth lead, it is important that our spaces be safe and supported. The adult staff at Camp is made up of Adult Advisors from congregations around the district, many of whom have years of experience in youth programming. Please contact if you would like to be an Adult Advisor at Camp Luuve Story.

Youth Deans

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Tim Holmes, Youth Dean

Tim Holmes, 17, is a life-long UU, and a life-long lover of Camp De Benneville. He is a senior in high school who has dedicated himself to the things he loves, including but not limited to band, choir, and the PSWD Youth Board. Tim is a member and employee of Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Tim is extremely excited to be a Dean of Camp Luuve Story this winter. He is most looking forward to creating a wonderful camp environment for the new, incoming freshman, the well seasoned seniors, and everyone else in between. 

Tanner C. Linden, Youth Dean

Tanner C. Linden, 17, is a homegrown UU and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, California. He serves the district as an Executive on the Pacific Southwest District (PSWD) Young Religious UUs (YRUU) Board. Additionally, He is active in his home congregation as a Worship Associate and youth group leader. When he is not engrossed in UU activities he spends his time working at the Santa Barbara Zoo as a Guest Experience Supervisor. Tanner cannot wait to Dean winter camp 2018!


Adult Deans & Camping Ministries Director

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Sequoia Prindle, Adult Dean

Sequoia Prindle, 28, was raised in the First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Diego and now lives in Santa Cruz. Sequoia adored camp as a teen, and was delighted to come back as an adult several years ago. This will be Sequoia’s third senior high camp as adult dean, and they are honored to have the privilege! Down the hill, they are a social worker with a local foster family agency, and are working toward their License in Clinical Social Work. In their free time, Sequoia enjoys aerial silks, rock climbing, hiking, doting on their cat, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with their partners.

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Riley Brazell, Adult Dean

Riley Brazell, 30, is excited for camp! This will be the 4th camp they’ve been Adult Dean and they are feeling honored at the chance. They love the camp community and are always thinking of how to bring positive transformation up the mountain. Back home they enjoy exploring nature, playing dungeons and dragons with their partners, and mentoring youth as they cross the threshold into young adulthood. If you have a question, a problem, or are looking for someone to play a silly game with, Riley is your dean!

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Geoff Anderla, Camping Ministries Director

Geoff Anderla has been the Camping Ministries Director since April 2015 but has been attending de Benneville Pines since 1983. He oversees the planning and execution of programming for 8 youth and family camps throughout the year. Family camp in 1983 was his first camp experience at de Benneville and he attended all of his Sr. High camps when he was a teenager. He is a lifelong UU attending and working part-time as the Office Assistant at the UU Congregation of Phoenix in Arizona and is a former advisor for the youth group there. He is also OWL certified and has taught K-1 OWL. He worked on site staff at de Benneville as the lifeguard in 1994 and as the lodge keeper in 2001. He had been the adult co-dean for several Sr. High camps before being hired as the Camping Ministries Director and had been volunteering as an adult advisor at Sr. High camps since 2007.